Introduction to eLDS (Litigation)

Electronic Legal Documentation System (eLDS) is a web based application that provides real time linkage between the Bank and its panel solicitors. eLDS has added a new feature in the likes of the Litigation Module to cater for Recovery, Asset Quality Management (Recovery, AQM) needs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of litigation processes by the solicitors and better management of Consumer Non Performing Loans (NPL) by Recovery, AQM and Regional Asset Quality Management (RAQM).

eLDS (Litigation) Features

The main features of eLDS (Litigation) are routing, litigation management, tracking mechanism, security, reporting, search, administration and system interface.

The Benefits

The benefits offered by eLDS Litigation Module among others are:

  • Effective monitoring of all panel solicitors’ performance who subscribe to this system
  • Faster communication with solicitors via internet which lead to improved turnaround time and reduction in telephone, fax and postal costs.
  • Eliminate the tedious and time consuming manual updating of legal status based on reports submitted by solicitors as it will now be updated immediately by solicitors.
  • Latest legal stage of legal action can be obtained at a click of a button in real time.
  • Minimum data entries as most, if not all, data are downloaded from Host.
  • Improve staff productivity and efficiency via automated work processes.
  • Standardized practice among legal firms as templates are provided in the system.
  • Ability to provide Straight-Through Processing (end to end).


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For more information, you can contact person in charge :

System Infrastructure



En Yusry Bin Sulaiman


Contact no : 603-20708833 ext 18604



Pn Jehan Safura Binti Kharudin


Contact no : 603-20708833 ext 6733

En Mohd Hafiz Bin Kasmin


Contact no : 603-20708833 ext 6917

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