Introduction to eLDS

Electronic Legal Documentation System (eLDS) is a web based application that automates legal documentation process by linking Credit Admin Centers with the Bank's panel lawyers to improve efficiency and accuracy of legal documentation process.

eLDS Features

The main features of eLDS is an Internet web-based application, which only requires PC and internet connection. Few components of eLDS are routing, document management, tracking mechanism, security, reporting, search, administration and system interface.

The Benefits

The benefits that offered by eLDS comprises of automation of legal documentation process, effectively monitor large numbers of lawyers, improved turnaround time, fast delivery of status report, achieved Straight Through Processing (STP), improved communication, standardization and improved staff productivity.


For more information, you can contact person in charge :

En. Shaharuddin Bin Haron
603-2074 7432
Pn. Lela 'Asarah Fauzana Binti Md Yunos
603-2070 8833 ext. 2325
En. Burhanuddin Bin Abdul Jalil
603-2070 8833 ext. 6704

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